Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Never Fails You...

To have a look inside and read a sample, please click here:

Lynn McKenzie's first book entitled Love Never Fails You... is now available in printed or e-book format through:





as well as at the following stores in Canada & in USA:

*  North Shore Antiques store (Harrow, Ontario, Canada)  http://www.northshoreantiques.ca/contact-us.html

*  Discount Bible Book & Music Store (Warren, Michigan, USA)  http://www.discountbiblebook.com/

*  Cameron's Christian Bookstore (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)  http://www.cameronsbookstore.com/

*  Books for Less (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

*  From the Heart Card, Gift and Wig Boutique (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) http://www.fromtheheartwithlove.com/

*  Good Books Christian Bookstore (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) (http://www.goodbookschristian.com/

*  Creation Bookstore (London, Ontario, Canada) http://www.creationbookstore.ca/

or ask for it at your local bookstore... or location where print on demand is available...

or by e-mailing lynniebooks@gmail.com

If you would like to comment or contact Lynn, please e-mail:  lynniebooks@gmail.com